Bill Gade Swan River – Background Information

Bill GadeBelow are some research archives from various regulatory bodies and publications pertaining to William (Bill) Gade, owner of CJSB/CJ104.5 FM, CJIE/CJ107.5 FM, CJVM/CJ103.3 FM, CJBP/CJ97.1 FM and 83 North Inc. (CJ Radio Group)

Due to recent events there has been an increased interest in background information regarding Bill Gade. These links are provided for ease of access as some seem to be hidden from several search engines. Additional articles will be added as needed.

Radio Station Threaten to Use Lethal Force
RCMP Monitor CJ104 Public Safety Risk:
Radio Station Staff Conducting “Armed Vigilante” Patrols: Global News
Swan River Radio Station Vigilante Activity: CBC News

Bill Gade Verbally Attacks Community Members
Bill Gade Risks Lives With Fake News:
Bill Gade Quotes:
Bill Gade Lashes Out Unfairly:
Is Bill Gade’s “Challenge” Extortion?:
Biased News Report … Unacceptable: Canadian Broadcast Standards Council
Biased & Unfair Reporting: Prairie Regional Panel CBSC Decision
Bill Gade False Allegations:
CJ Radio News About Neepawa Council: Monty Simon Letter to Editor
CJ97 Allegations/Out of Tune: Neepawa Press
Information Requests Unreasonable: Manitoba Ombudsman
Municipality Rebukes Fear Mongering By Local Broadcaster:
Bill Gade Creates Confusion:

Bill Gade Attacks on Neepawa Access Community Television
Bill Gade Removed from NACTV Board:
NACTV Loses Use of Equipment: Banner
NACTV No Longer Owns Its Own Website:
New Phone Number for NACTV: Banner
NACTV Bingo Back:
Massive Changes to NACTV Board:
Fate in Hands of Crown Attorneys: CJ Radio
New Details Emerge About Alleged Assault:

Bill Gade Sued by Municipality of Swan Valley West
Tuning in to Lawsuit: Winnipeg Sun
Municipal Councillors Sue Radio Station: Free Press (republished)
Swan Valley West Files Lawsuit Against Bill Gade:
Scouten Resigns in Wake of Lawsuit Vote:
Swan Valley West Drops Lawsuit Against Bil Gade: