Swan Valley Community Band 30 Years and Counting

Submitted by: Jayne Leadbeater

On the May 8, 2024, in the SVRSS Cafeteria, the Swan Valley Community Band performed their “Spring Thunders In!” Concert for over 100 in attendance.

Included in the audience were the many faithful patrons who have enjoyed being entertained by the Community Band for the last 30 years. There were also many new faces, including children.

One of the many new patrons was a charter member from the Swan River School Band 1957-1972. There were many compliments to be had!

New twist, our Community Band founder and Director spent the last semester joining the Trumpet section while Nic Stroud, the ESRSS Music Director, took the helm as Conductor. The Band met & almost mastered some musical challenges this past year, gearing up the Group to be raring to go again this September 2024.

“Highly Strung!” Ukeladies, The Valley’s Ukelele Group entertained everyone at Intermission. An Encore was a must!

A plus this past semester was the addition of 5 new members after Christmas, and one in September. One of them had not touched her clarinet in 40 years. And, she is coming back! Who says: ‘it’s too late!’ ‘it’s been too long!’

New members for this year being acknowledged. 25 to 40 years since their lips touched those instruments. AND, THESE PEOPLE ARE COMING BACK!

So-o-o-o, anyone want to join us?

Founder & Band Director, Julie Kooistra 204-734-5139 PR/Communications: Jayne Leadbeater 204-734-4771