Loneliness Discussed at Coffee and a Chat

Submitted by: Swan River & District Community Resource Council Inc. – Service to Seniors

February Coffee and a Chat had us all thinking of how we and the people we know handle occasional or extensive loneliness, isolation and solitude.

A quote from Mother Theresa “the most terrible Poverty is Loneliness and the feeling of being unloved”.

Loneliness is a very individual feeling while isolation is a physical disconnect from others, whether it is alone working, alone in your house or even alone in a group of people. It is a real problem for some. Be self aware of how alone you are, and ask yourself-is it affecting your health and mental capacities? The health impact of loneliness and isolation reveals that research suggests that isolation and loneliness are linked to high blood pressure, obesity, heart disease, a weakened immune system, depression, anziety, cognitive decline, alzheimer’s disease and early death. That sounds so terrible, doesn’t it. It doesn’t have to be that way, call a friend, join a group of like minded people, go for a walk or just enjoy the outdoors, soak in the sunshine(moderately).

Solitude on the other hand can be restorative, increase empathy, increase productivity and creativity, build mental strength, and give you time to work on how to complete your “bucket list”.

Katie Kroeker did not disappoint us with how to manage a small appetite and still get the proper nutrition needed to be healthy. Protein is an essential nutrient, the body doesn’t store protein, we have to eat a little every day. Fat does not equate protein but when you are deficient in calories it is ok to add whole milk, rich fatty fish, nuts and seeds, or even protein powders to enrich your meals. Katie made high protein banana muffins in front of us, with greek yogurt, skim milk powder and the option of nuts and choc chips, they were delicious as well as nutritious. If you are finding you are having trouble keeping up your weight, try eating with friends, use a new recipe or call the PMH clinic to talk with a dietitian. There are many web sites available for seniors, such as Age Friendly Manitoba, if you need help locating senior services, give our office a call at 204-734-5707. We would be glad to help you.

Life is a joy, eat a wide variety of foods and enjoy yourself. We hope to see you at the March Coffee and a Chat with the Royal Bank on fraud and how to prevent being a victim and Eating for Brain Health. If you or someone you know needs transportation to this event, please call the office, we can help.