Spooktoberfest a Screaming Good Time for All Ages

Submitted by:
Jenna Koutecky, Community Coordinator
Swan Valley Communities That Care

This year’s Spooktoberfest was a great success, with nearly 1100 people in attendance over two days. This is a new Spooktoberfest record, as the event had previously taken place over three days rather than 2. On the first night of the event, we were very busy with over 750 people through the doors within the 4 hours the event took place.

We were very pleased with the many donations we received from various community businesses. This event would not be possible without the involvement of our community, and it allows us to become more creative with the event over the years.

We had four groups adopt different sections of the event this year, including The Swan Valley School of Dance, Elbert Chartrand Friendship Center Headstart Program, The SVRSS Hockey team, and the SVRSS Art Class.

Each one of these groups did a fantastic job of decorating and running their sections. They really brought Spooktoberfest to life with their Halloween spirit and helped create an event that is appealing to people of all ages. A special thanks is due to all the people involved in each of these groups who spent many hours decorating and volunteering for Spooktoberfest.

In addition to each of these groups, there were also several volunteers who dedicated their time to helping decorate, handing out cookies and hot chocolate, working the admissions table, running the games section, handling security, and helping with clean up. If it were not for these people, Spooktoberfest would not be as successful as it has been, so they deserve a special thank you as well.

It was wonderful to see children experience the many areas Spooktoberfest had to offer. I look forward to being able to provide a bigger and better Spooktoberfest experience for the community in coming years.