Swan Valley School Division Minutes – May 9, 2022

Swan Valley
School Division

Executive Summary of the
May 9, 2022
Board Meeting

Submitted by:
Cameron Mateika,

1. The Superintendent reported to the Board on a meeting with Minister Wayne Ewasko and Northern Division Superintendents about the shortage of teachers in rural and northern Manitoba.

2. Kirsten Glen and Kristen Harness presented an overview of the ELA Program at the SVRSS to the Board.

3. The Supervisor of Transportation, Brad Klekta, brought the Board up to date on decisions needed around bussing for the fall term.

4. The Ukrainian Immigrant family’s situation in Swan Valley was discussed in relation to the impact to our schools and community.

5. The Board was made aware of the FCC Agri-Spirit Grant application that was submitted. Kim Rowan the FCC District Director toured SVRSS and met with Kari Goethe about the Growcer Project.

6. The Board was made aware of the SVSD Band Concert in the Legion Park on June 1, 2022.

7. A report on the NITT visit to the Sapotaweyak High School and Community Center was presented.
Minutes of the regular meeting of the Board of Trustees held in the Division Office Board Room on May 9, 2022, commencing at 7:00 p.m. (unapproved)

The following were present:
Chair: G. Wowchuk
Vice-Chair: W. Schaffer
D. Burghart
L. Evans
K. Highmoor
K. Riehl

Superintendent: C. Mateika
Secretary-Treasurer: B. Rausch
Absent: V. Rooks

Additions to Agenda By Board consensus the following additions to the Agenda were approved:
10.3 June 9, 2022 SVSD Retirement/Recognition Awards
16.2.4 Personnel – Request for Unpaid Leave

R1 D. Burghart, K. Highmoor:
THAT the Minutes of the regular meeting of April 25, 2022, and the special meeting of May 4, 2022, be adopted.

R2 W. Schaffer, L. Evans:
THAT as per Item 8.3, the Report on Capital Disbursements be received, and the payments outlined be ratified.

R3 L. Evans, K. Highmoor:
THAT the Board move to In-Camera.

R4 L. Evans, K. Riehl:
THAT the Board move out of In-Camera.

R5 W. Schaffer, D. Burghart:
THAT the Staffing Reports of the Superintendent/CEO, 7.2, and 16.2.1, be ratified.

R6 W. Schaffer, L. Evans:
THAT as per Item 16.2.4, the personnel request be received, and approved as unpaid leave, without prejudice or precedent.

R7 K. Riehl, D. Burghart:
THAT we do now adjourn at 10:45 p.m.