66th Minitonas 4-H Beef Sale – Online May 27-29, 2021

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Joe Mangin |

Minitonas 4-H Beef Sale
Noon May 27, 2021 to
6pm May 29, 2021

Due to the current Covid 19 situation the annual Swan Valley 4-H Steer Sale will once again be held online.

Sale will open at noon on May 27 and run until 6pm on May 29 on www.DLMS.ca

The sale information can be found by visiting www.dlms.ca in the upcoming sales section. DLMS is an online livestock marketing platform that is used by
cattle producers and are assisting many 4-H Beef clubs across Canada.

The members have worked hard on their projects over the winter. Pictures,videos and members footnotes will be available to view prior to the sale and current weights will be posted May 26th . The animals will be auctioned on a price per pound basis in a horse race format. All bidders are required to sign up with DLMS prior to the sale. The highest bidder as of the close of sale will be the owner of the animal. Payment and processing arrangements will be made
directly with the Minitonas 4-H Beef Club.

We are grateful for the tremendous community support in the past and ask you once again to put your faith in the 4-H program and the exceptional beef the members produce. You can bid with confidence.

If you have any questions regarding the sale or the donation steer please reach out to any 4-H member, leader or parent.

4-H Motto: Learn to do by doing.
For our club, our community, our country and our world.
Minitonas 4-H Beef Club 1954-2021