Manitoba Agriculture Crop Report – May 26, 2020

Northwest Region Crop Report Prepared by: Manitoba Agriculture
May 26, 2020 |

Northwest Region

The Northwest region received a mix of temperatures throughout the week reaching the upper twenties. Some areas in the region received rain over the weekend, while others near Swan Valley and Roblin would benefit from a good rain. Ste. Rose area and south received 21 to 32 mm, Keld and Dauphin had 22 mm, while Fork River and The Pas had 10 to 13mm. The rest of the region received less.

Seeding was able to progress throughout the week in most areas, except for those areas that received precipitation and operations were halted for a day or two while fields dried. Spring Wheat seeding is 95 to 100% complete, with the exception of The Pas where seeding operations continue. All spring wheat is emerged in Roblin; 70 to 80% emerged in Swan Valley and Dauphin areas. Canola seeding continues across the region and is 80% seeded in Swan Valley and Roblin areas and 55% completed in the Dauphin area; with 25% emerged in Swan Valley and Roblin areas and 10% in Dauphin. Approximately 35% of soybeans in Dauphin are seeded; 80% seeded in Swan Valley and soybean seeding is complete in the Roblin area. Field Pea seeding is complete with emergence well underway. Flax seeding is complete in the region and 85% emerging in Roblin area. Corn in the Dauphin/Ste. Rose area has emerged.

Strong winds last week have caused stress on some young crops that were emerged. Weeds and volunteers continue to grow and some herbicide applications have begun in the region where crops have reached the appropriate stage and conditions have allowed. Strong winds throughout last week posed a challenge to applications. Diamondback moth counts have been of no concern; there have been some reports of cutworms in peas in the Benito area where control was warranted.

Forage growth on hay fields and pasture has been minimal with moisture required for additional growth. Conditions are better in the eastern part of the region around Dauphin and Ste. Rose where some areas received significant rainfall on the weekend. Turn out of cows on pasture has started but supplemental feeding is needed if not grazing stockpiled forages. Livestock water supplies are adequate. Planting of corn silage and cereal silage/greenfeed continues.