Swan Valley TALKs Suicide Prevention

Mental Wellness and Suicide Prevention Interagency Committee Open House

The Mental Wellness and Suicide Prevention Interagency Committee (MWSP) hosted an open house on March 11 in Swan River. It was an opportunity to share with the Swan Valley community information about their committee, and the ways they are involved in their communities. In the afternoon, they offered safeTALK training, which educates participants to recognize and engage with people who may be experiencing thoughts of suicide. They then can connect them to appropriate treatment. There have been numerous requests for suicide prevention education in the Parkland, and the MWSP committee is working diligently to provide those opportunities.

The MWSP committee is active throughout the Parkland with subcommittees in Dauphin, Roblin and Swan River. There are community members from different organizations such as, Prairie Mountain Health, Canadian Mental Health Association, Manitoba Metis Federation and Addictions Manitoba, among others.

What is this committee about?
 Vision: Reducing suicide risk and improving the Mental Wellness of Individuals and Parkland Communities
 Mission: To support and encourage individuals, families, communities, and professional to achieve the best possible health and wellness, and to enhance suicide prevention in the Parkland through mental health promotion.
 Values: Encouraging Acceptance, Empowerment, Stigma Reduction, and Resiliency

To improve their community service, they are actively looking for new committee members.

Why should you join?
 Provide your voice and involvement for community improvement!
 You have influence over what programs and education opportunities we bring to our communities!
 Network with different community programs

To find out more information you can contact:
Maria Kent RPN/BScPN Mental Health Manager: (204) 734—6686 mkent@pmh-mb.ca
Olivia Acorn BA BSW RSW Community Mental Health Worker: (204) 734-6684 oacorn@pmh-mb.ca