Bellsite 41st Annual Snowmobile Poker Derby

Submitted by: Connie Beaudry |

Bellsite Community did another wonderful job looking after the hot meal at the end of the day and looking after all the indoor services needed to have everyone registered and on their way to enjoy the sunny warm day on the Snoman trail up- kept by North Mountain Riders Snowmobile club.

Another great day for both clubs. Over 190 people and sledders came to Bellsite for a chance to win and socialize. 183 registered driver hands. Approximately $5000 given out in prizes.

Thank you to all volunteers and businesses who donated prizes or money for the meal and/or donations of food.

Thank you goes out to Mellisa and Lisa for the work they put into obtaining the large amount of ghost riders. Melissa winning most ghost riders with 474 hands. Special thank you to everyone who brought small or large list of ghost rider hands.

The Bellsite Community along with North Mountain Riders thank all of you. See you next year.

Thank you all again.