Manitoba Agriculture Crop Report – October 15, 2019

Northwest Region Crop Report Prepared by: Manitoba Agriculture
October 15, 2019 |

Northwest Region
Harvest stalled in many parts of the region last week due to inclement weather. The exception was The Pas where operations continued up until rain on Monday.

Roblin had snow early in the week that melted and fields are currently snow free but wet. Swan River also had snowfall mid-week that melted and some harvest operations took place. Dauphin area was hit the hardest in the region with heavy snowfall at the end of the week that brought all operations to a halt.

Overall harvest progress is 70 to 75% complete. The spring wheat harvest is estimated at over 95% complete in all parts of the region. Wheat yields are 50 to 75 bu/ac. Canola harvest is 80% complete overall: 75% at Roblin, 85% in Dauphin, 90% at The Pas and Swan River. Canola yields range from 50 to 70 bu/ac. Some soybeans were harvested last week in the Swan River area, yields ranged from 25 to 35 bu/ac. Soybean harvest at Swan River and Dauphin is 75% complete. Soybeans remain standing in the Roblin area.

Flax harvest is done in the Swan Valley but 100% remains standing at Roblin. No hemp harvest occurred this past week, but 5% of buckwheat acres were harvested. Producers are moving cows closer to wintering facilities and off pasture. Supplemental feeding is taking place in many areas due to rain, snow and wet conditions. Very little to no supplemental harvest is taking place now to secure additional winter feed supplies due to challenging wet field conditions.

Corn silage harvest was progressing with challenging wet conditions as well. Corn silage yields are being reported to be average at 12 to 15 tons/acre. Those with feed left on fields will find it very difficult to bring them to wintering facilities and will have to wait until freeze-up. Many producers are shipping calves, culling cows due to feed shortage, and challenging environmental conditions.

In the Roblin and Swan River areas, corn silage harvest continues and is approximately 40% complete with some leaf loss reported due to wind and snow. Roblin received 15 to 20 cm snow on Wednesday that stalled harvesting efforts. Forage growth for the year has halted and producers are grazing stockpiled forage, stubble fields or supplementing on pasture.