“The Bible – The Source of Truth” Seminar in Swan River

Submitted by: David Ogram |

On the evening of Friday, November 16, 2018 a small group of hardy souls braved the cold weather to attend the opening night of “The Bible-The Source of All Truth” Seminar at the Swan River Seventh-day Adventist Church. The presenter, Pastor Liviu Tillihoi, commented that today, people are looking for truth in many places, such as science, the education system, Christianity and various other world religions. However the Bible is the only source of truth since it is the only book that has had made numerous detailed predictions about events years and years, (sometimes centuries), before they happened. In all cases these predictions have proven to be completely accurate. The only ones that have not been fulfilled are those that are about events that are still to happen in the future. The presenter showed how God has led His faithful people in the past. For example, he spoke the 10 Commandments out loud to Moses and the rest of Hebrew people, and then God wrote them in stone with His own finger to indicate that they were a permanent standard that humans were to live by.