Credit Union Seminar Focuses on Disability Resources

Submitted by: Lynda Parsons |

Swan Valley Credit Union hosted their annual fall seminar at the Westwood Inn on November 8th, 2018. This year the event focused on the benefits and resources available to Manitobans living with disabilities.

The first speaker, Justin Boonen (District Vice President of Retail Sales, Mackenzie Investments) began the evening by educating those in attendance about what a Registered Disability Savings Plan is and the various grants and bonds available through the government.

Rhodel Ferriss (Barrister & Solicitor, Ferriss Law Corporation) shared her knowledge and expertise on estate planning for disabled beneficiaries and individuals. Information on disability trusts, wills and options for establishing a power of attorney was well received by the audience.

Chris Reimer (Managing Partner, MNP LLP) closed the evening with his presentation, The Disability Tax Credit – Unaware & Underutilized. Many Canadians are currently not taking advantage of the many tax benefits available to those living with a disability, or those caring for someone with a disability. Chris was able to simplify and bring understanding to these often complicated and misunderstood benefits.

The Swan Valley Credit Union would like to thank the 30 attendees who took the time to participate in our informational evening. If anyone was unable to attend and would like information on the topics discussed, please feel free to contact Kandace Hart or Katlyn Patzer at 204-734-7828.