CBF Grade 5/6 Class Soars to New Heights

Pictured above: Kevin Thome in cockpit with Dr. Andy Maxwell

Submitted by: Jocelyn Beehler

Community Bible Fellowship Christian School values hands on experiences for all students and seeks opportunities to learn outside of the classroom. This fall has provided great opportunity to take advantage of that, despite working around the crazy, fall weather.

The Gr.5/6 class, led by their teacher Mark Johnston, took a hike up to Copernicus Hill this fall to observe the changing fall season, support their science unit on the “diversity of living things” and get some exercise away from the school grounds. The students were given the option to climb the tower for the premium view, and nearly all students chose to take full advantage of that.

Pictured above: Jude Vanderwalt getting out of the plane.

A few weeks later, that same class had the privilege of experiencing “flight” first hand! The class had been studying “flight” in science class. Mr. Johnston coordinated with Dr. Andy Maxwell who gave the class a hands-on lesson on flight, providing the class a ride in his airplane. The students went up in groups of 3 with the student in front even getting to steer the plane. No one got sick!

Pictured above: Back Row (L-R): Vivian Thome, Jude Vanderwalt, Deegan Campbell, Ethan Gade, Ava Ford, Mr. Mark Johnston, Wyatt Klekta, Kaeden Meyn, Dr. Andy Maxwell, Kevin Thome.
Front Row (L-R): Mrs. Ainslie Mueller, Taylor Bass, Kayden Hrappstead, Ashley Klekta, Isabelle Beehler, Ainsli Ellingson, Addyson Melnechuk and Riya Patel

They discussed the 4 forces acting on the plane and how the plane can achieve lift through Bernoulli’s Principle, after getting to see and tour that plane. The students had been challenged to make a model airplane as a home assignment. They tested their model airplanes while waiting for their turn on the plane.