Swan Valley School Division Minutes – September 24, 2018

Swan Valley
School Division

Executive Summary of the
September 24, 2018
Regular Board Meeting

Submitted by:
Tim Mendel

1. The Superintendent reported that for this year’s SAGE Day, the PD Committee has organized a few local option sessions. Teachers who choose the local option will still be expected to pay a registration fee. The fee will cover session expenses. Any additional revenue will go to the PD Committee. Registration for local sessions will be available online shortly.

2. The Level One Carpentry Program offered by UCN and utilizing the School Division’s Trades Building is going well. There are eight students currently participating in the Program. UCN pays rent for using the facilities.

3. The Board was informed that a Mental Health Workshop was conducted on September 17 and 18. Nineteen staff from across the Division participated.

4. The Board approved guidelines for supporting the funding of school playgrounds. Schools can access up to $5,000 to help pay for playground equipment. The guidelines will be posted online shortly.

5. The Board was made aware of some staffing shortages at the SVRSS. Due to the time of the year, it is difficult to get applicants to apply for advertised positions.

Minutes of the regular meeting of the Board of Trustees held in the Division Office Board Room on September 24, 2018 commencing at 7:30 p.m. (unapproved)

The following were present:

Chair: K. Riehl
L. Evans
Trustees: D. Burghart
S. Haluschak
K. Highmoor
V. Rooks
W. Schaffer (by phone)
B. Stephen
G. Wowchuk

Superintendent: T. Mendel
Absent: B. Rausch


R1 K. Highmoor, S. Haluschak:
THAT Tim Mendel be appointed Secretary-Treasurer for the September 24, 2018 Board Meeting.

R2 S. Haluschak, G. Wowchuk:
THAT the Minutes of the regular meeting of September 10, 2018, be adopted.

R3 G. Wowchuk, S. Haluschak:
THAT as per Item 5.1, revisions to the Board Policy Manual, Policy 2 Governance Model, be considered a Notice of Motion for the October 9, 2018 Board Meeting, be approved.

R4 D. Burghart, B. Stephen:
THAT the Staffing Report of the Superintendent/CEO, 8.3, as presented, be ratified.

R5 B. Stephen, D. Burghart:
THAT as per Item 9.2, the Report of the Secretary-Treasurer on Capital Reserves be received and the recommendation to expand the scope of the SVRSS Tennis/Basketball Reserve to include playground upgrades for all schools, including but not limited to playground equipment, be approved.

R6 V. Rooks, B. Stephen:
THAT the Board move to In-Camera.

R7 S. Haluschak, K. Highmoor:
THAT the Board move out of In-Camera.

R8 D. Burghart, G. Wowchuk:
THAT we do now adjourn at 9:03 p.m.