Manitoba Agriculture Crop Report – September 10, 2018

Northwest Region Crop Report Prepared by: Manitoba Agriculture
September 10, 2018 |

Northwest Region

There was good harvest progress this past week. Night temperatures are starting to cool with heavy dew in the mornings and a heavy frost mid-week through most parts of the region. Damage is evident in some crops, but most were near maturity, so damage expected to be limited. Producers have been keeping up on field work following harvest operations as field conditions allow. Harvest is 55% complete overall.

Harvesting of spring wheat harvest near complete around Ste. Rose and 50% around Fork River areas with yields of 60 to 70 bu/ac and good protein levels. Spring wheat is 85% complete around Swan River with average yields of 65 to 85 bu/ac.

Field pea harvest is 99% complete with yields of 50 to 70 bu/ac reported. Lentils also mostly harvested with yields 45 to 50 bu/ac.

Canola harvest around Swan River 20% complete with yields of 45 to 60 bu/ac; around the Dauphin area 80 to 90% complete with yields of 35 to 50 bu/ac.

Soybean harvest begun in some areas, but no reports of yields.

Pastures remain in poor to fair condition, resulting from dry conditions and heavy frost.

Supplementation on the poor pastures is still occurring. Baling of slough hay and roadside ditches is ongoing to help stretch forage supplies. After last week’s frost, producers are considering harvesting later seeded cereal for annual forages; nitrates may be a concern in these feeds. Scattered showers throughout the area has made it challenging to put up greenfeed. Producers are cutting second cut alfalfa. Early seeded corn is beginning its silage harvest period with average yields reported.

Dugout levels vary with the eastern part of the region at 20 to 40% of full with some dried up and the western side experiencing levels at 70 to 80% full.