Historic Pictures Featured at Tent Town Celebration

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In recognition of the 120th Anniversary of Tent Town, Claren Turner joined up with the Minitonas Seniors to put together a celebration of the past.

“I thought, we want to remember Tent Town.” said Turner. “The idea was to have an 1898 meal and to have pictures from that time period.” Turner, who grew up in Minitonas, took it upon himself to put together a collection of pictures that depicted the era. “We tried to encapsulate what people wore, the railroad and working the land,” he said.

On August 13, 2018 about 35 seniors gathered at the Minitonas Hall to look at pictures, reminisce and remember the parents, grandparents and great grandparents who first came to the Swan Valley.

The seniors then shared a meal of stew, bannock (in honour of the First Nations), beet pickles and gingerbread cake. The lunch was put on by the Minitonas Seniors.

“The Minitonas Seniors meet here every Tuesday at 1:30pm for floor shuffle, crib, tile rummy and visiting.” said Gayle Dunnett, Treasure of the Minitonas Seniors. “Eveyone is welcome to attend” she added.

Below is a gallery of the photos that were on display at the event.

“Some pictures are specifically from the Valley while others are a more general depiction of the world of 1898,” explained Turner.

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