Blessings at Barrows Gospel Jamboree

Submitted by: Violet Plett | The 5th Annual Barrows Gospel Jamboree was held on June 8,9,10, 2018. This seemed to be a good choice of weekend. People attending and bands thought it worked well. Of course we know that others couldn’t come because of various other events and commitments, but I’m sure that would be the case with any weekend picked.

The weekend started off rainy and cold, so Friday evening was held in the hall. Then Saturday we were able to move outdoors, in spite of cloudy weather in the morning. The rest of the weekend was nice and warm. The rain Sunday evening held off till after people had gone home.

Our invited bands this year were: The Wiebe Family, Cyril & Freda Genaille, Bert & Liz Genaille, Ivan Chartrand and Carl Crane.

We were all blessed by their singing and testimonies. Being a small event, people were able to interact personally with the musicians.

Michael Plett was MC and part time sound man.

Don Buhler was our speaker. He brought along a pair of water skis to illustrate an important Bible truth. He had lost his skis, and several years later was able to buy them back again.

This he compared to God making us originally, but we were lost to Him through the wrong things we do. Then, Jesus paid the price at Calvary to “buy us back”. We can again belong to God if we choose to follow His way.

Friday supper for the bands was inside the food booth. There was close fellowship, but everyone cooperated to make it work well.

Besides a regular concession menu, Friday supper special was pulled pork on a bun, Sat-turkey supper, Sun- perogies and kubassa.

Ivan Chartrand’s wife Bernice organized a Birthday cake and party on Sunday for Mary Spence, one of the event planners. A lot of Mary’s family came to the tent for cake.

Thanks to the town of Barrows for the use of their facilities. Thanks to the people who helped in various ways. Thanks to the people and churches who contributed funds to help with this event.

Thanks to God for His guidance and help for this event to take place.