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Hundreds Fed at Fantastic Northwest Roundup Breakfasts

Submitted by: Barry Stephen | Wow… what a super fantastic weekend… the weather was unbelievable and the patrons were there by the hundreds! We had three great pancake breakfasts. Click any picture for a larger version. Friday was at Formo Motors with close to a couple hundred hungry people that came out before the parade. […]

2017/08/01Local Interest

Swan Valley RISE Coordinates Local Tour

Submitted by: Heather Nielsen | Swan Valley RISE is all about TOURISM these days and we are promoting locally as well as outside the Valley. Part of the local focus is showcasing some of our treasures. Click any picture for a larger version. The latest was a tour of Pretty Valley Honey Farm on July […]

2017/08/01Local Interest

Chariot and Chuckwgon Races at the Northwest Roundup

ValleyBiz Story | The 2017 Northwest Roundup and Exhibition featured four days of Chariot an Chuckwagon racing, plus a bonus day of Heritage Chuckwagon races at the Canada 150 Celebration on July 26, 2017. Click any picture for a larger version.

2017/08/01Local Interest