Manitoba Agriculture Crop Report – August 21, 2017

Northwest Region Crop Report Prepared by: Manitoba Agriculture
August 21, 2017 |

Northwest Region

High daytime temperatures continued through the week with crops continuing to advance to maturity throughout the region. Dry conditions continue as precipitation was limited to trace isolated showers. Most of the region is dry with very dry soil moisture conditions to the 61 cm depth in the Roblin area.
Pre-harvest operations are well underway across the region as crops ripen and conditions allow. Crops are generally in good condition with the exception of areas of the region suffering from extremes of moisture.

Combining continues in winter wheat and early seeded barley. Spring wheat is 50 to 75% ripe, with the remainder at the dough stage. Approximately 90% of the canola is podded with 50% reaching the ripe stage. Swathing is underway. Soybeans are podding; however, the dry weather is slowing pod formation. Pea and lentil crops have ripened and harvest is ongoing; there are reports of pea yields ranging from 60 to 80 bu/acre in the Swan River area. Flax is in the boll stage.

Second cut of alfalfa continues, with newer stands yielding well particularly in the Swan River and Dauphin areas. In drier areas across the region, there may not be enough second cut regrowth to mechanically harvest. Silage and greenfeed harvest is ongoing. Yields range from average to above average depending on the amount of moisture received. The majority of silage corn crops are in the milk stage. Silage corn is holding up reasonably well considering the drier conditions, with the exception of a couple fields showing visible signs of drought stress around Roblin. Rain is still required to improve pasture conditions in the majority of the region.