Second Urban Reserve To Be Established in Swan River

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On August 16, 2017, Chief Nelson Genaille, of the Sapotaweyak Cree Nation (SCN) and Mayor Glen McKenzie of the Town of Swan River signed a Municipal Development and Services Agreement (MDSA) for the property at 703 Main Street.

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Under the MDSA, the Town of Swan River will provide municipal services to the parcel of land in exchange for payment for the services by SCN. The property, the former site of the Valley Hotel, was purchased by SCN on October 19, 2015 under its Treaty Land Entitlement agreement.

Once the parcel of land becomes reserve land, Swan River will become the only Manitoba municipality to have two Urban Reserves within its boudaries. TLEC Executive Director Chris Henderson described the event as “excellent modelling of relationship building between a First Nation Government and a Municipal Government.”

SCN developed its first Urban Reserve into Club Sapp gaming center. “Our Council has the deepest respect for your Council and the working relationship we have shows in the success that has happened with Club Sapp.” said Mayor Glen McKenzie. “We look very much forward to the new venture that is happening in our town.” he added.

SCN is planning another strategic economic development project for this second land purchase in Swan River after it becomes Reserve land. While the plans have not yet been finalized, potential businesses such as a gas bar or an office complex have been mentioned in the past. “When we look at this new business, its going to be a business that will create employment.” said Chief Nelson Genaille.