Special Touches Add To Mothers Day Brunch

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Edgar Yacyshyn |

On May 14, 2017 Durban Community held a Mother’s Day brunch. Lot of decorating took place to prepare the hall and tables for the event. Lots of work went into making the gifts, little purses, that every Mother received.

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Thanks to the Sas family from Bentio for their support, and to the Benito Fire Department for their grill and cooking up the delicious pancakes. All the flowers and plants were from Lynn’s Plants and Things Greenhouse of Benitio, which made the hall look bright and refreshing. Thanks Lynn.

Thanks for all the staff and all the kitchen help for the long hours put in. Thanks to all who came out and supported us. Hope all the Mothers, and families, had a great day.

Proceeds will help in purchasing an AED for the Durban Community Hall. Thanks to All.