Manitoba Agriculture Crop Report – May 8, 2017

Northwest Region Crop Report Prepared by: Manitoba Agriculture May 8, 2017 |

Northwest Region
The Northwest Region experienced warmer weather throughout the week with temperatures turning cooler by the weekend. There were high winds and showers over the weekend, with precipitation ranging from 13 to 22 mm in the Dauphin/Sifton area. This brought a temporary halt to most field operations. Generally, soil moisture is rated as surplus to adequate throughout the region. Only well drained sandy soils are rated as drier.

Field operations are just beginning throughout most of the region as producers are challenged with determining which fields are dry enough to enter in. Fields in The Pas remain wet with limited spring activity occurring. Many producers throughout the region are also challenged with management of unharvested acres of canola, peas and corn. Generally, field activity includes harrowing, fertilizer application, and pre-seed herbicide applications. So far the majority of seeded acres have been field peas and a good start of seeding spring wheat. Relatively mild winter temperatures and adequate snow cover resulted in excellent overwintering of winter cereals.

Weed growth including stinkweed, dandelions and wild oats is general throughout the area. Volunteer grain including cereals and canola are evident in many fields. There is minimal insect activity to date.

Forages have just begun to green up benefiting from last week’s warmer temperatures although growth is limited to date. Good progress was made last week fertilizing forage stands on drier fields. The significant rainfall in some areas has saturated pastures and ceased all field work likely for the remaining part of the week. Some producers have moved cows out to dryer pastures but continue to supplemental feed.