United Church Photo Contest and Supper a Success

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Knox United Church |

On Friday, June 10, 2106, Minitonas Know United Church held a spaghetti supper and photo contest.

Attendees purchased tickets to vote for their favorite photos.

Pictured above: First place photo contest winners (left to right):
Aleida Howard in the Flower Category
Shauna Klekta in the Landscape Category
Emily Soloway in the Animals Category
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Between eat in and take out orders, approximately 130 spaghetti suppers were served.

Preparations started early in the day, displaying the pictures and cooking up Diane Kichuk’s famous spaghetti sauce.

Many steaming pots of spaghetti later, the success of the day could be seen in nany smiling faces, happy chatter, full stomachs and empty plates.