Manitoba Agriculture Crop Report – September 28, 2015

Northwest Region Crop Report Prepared by: Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Development September 28, 2015 |

Northwest Region
Drier weather conditions prevailed through most of the Northwest Region over the week allowing for harvest progress. There are many instances of crop being harvested at tough moisture levels, and then artificially dried or put on aeration to prevent spoilage. Frost reports varied through the region with little or no frost recorded in southern parts of the region to heavy frost reported for The Pas. Heavy winds on the weekend caused slight damage to canola swaths in localized parts of the Swan Valley.

Overall, harvest is about 70% complete for the region. Some producers in the southern part of the region have completed harvesting cereals and canola and have begun soybean harvest. Weather permitting soybean harvest will be general this coming week.

Only flax, buckwheat and grain corn remain to be harvested in southern areas of the region. The remainder of the region is waiting on later seeded canola, flax, soybeans and grain corn crops. Average yields and quality are reported for most crops.

In many cases, fall field work operations are caught up to harvest and many tilled fields have good re-growth of weeds and volunteer plants. Soil moisture conditions are adequate in most parts of the region but are excessive in The Pas.

Good drying conditions over the weekend solidified a good portion of harvesting feed supplies. Much needed sun and wind dried hay to harvestable conditions. Corn harvest for silage has begun. Pasture growth is complete for this growing season with supplemental feeding required now for those cattle that remain on pasture. Water supplies are adequate.