Good Fellowship at Barrows Gospel Jamboree

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Violet Plett |

Despite rain, cold, and hordes of mosquitoes, everyone had a good time of fellowship, and praising God at the Jamboree.

Pictured left Josephine Laquette and Milly Jackson relaxing between their turns to sing.

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The main singers for the weekend were Kene and Milly Jackson from close to Calgary, AB, Carl Crane from Prince Albert, SK and Josephine Laquette from Hudson Bay, SK. There were also some local singers who participated, and I won’t name those, because I might forget someone. But thanks to all for the good singing, and leading us in worship of God.

Kene and Milly Jackson

Carl Crane

Josephine Laquette

Ang Thiessen came to help with cooking, but we talked her into singing as well. Thanks.

Also, we enjoyed lots of good food thanks to Mary Spence and her helpers.

Another food booth had also been arranged, but the operator had an accident a few days before the event and had a cast on his arm, so he was unable to come. Mary pitched in, bought a fryer for fries and chicken nuggets, and some extra food, and we had a full menu.

Besides the regular hot dogs, smokies and burgers, she also made BBQ beef on Friday and a full turkey supper on Sat. So if anyone went hungry, it was not because of lack of food.

Carl came with his whole family, so they camped on site for the whole weekend.

His youngest had fun with an umbrella.

Special feature for the children.
Puppet show by the Plett family.

From what we heard ahead of time, many more people/singers were planning on coming, but cold and rain kept some away. Others couldn’t come for various reasons. Maybe next year?…