Talented Musicians Perform at Community Band Concert

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Jayne Leadbeater |

The Swan Valley Community Band held their Spring Concert on May 7, 2015 in the multipurpose room of the SVRSS. Over 70 people in the appreciative audience, stopping for doughnuts & coffee afterwards.

Above: Julie Kooistra has been Directing, and Founder of SV Community Band, since September 1994. Click any picture for a larger version.

Clarinets Addy Oberlin, Bev Leach, Linda McCrea, Donna Jorundson, Trumpets-Brian Percheson, Rick Houle, Megan Werbicki., Tenor Sax-Lorraine Malcolm

Warming up for Spring Concert

Performing a piece with multi-talented Martyn Snell on the electric piano.

Flutes: Christina Danyluk, Karen Kosolowky, Tara Stephen, Suzanne Eisler featured in “Huckleberry Flute”

Tuba-Rob Nesbitt, the anchor of our sound.

But, we don’t tell him that too often.

Trombones: L–R: Jayne Leadbeater, Carter Chev, Glenda Horochuk, Bari Sax: Dave McGarry, Timps: Phly Friesen

“Twenty to One” Directed by Martyn Snell, featuring Megan Werbicki on Trumpet, one
of the many instruments she plays. A SRVSS Band student who joined us for the experience. She, too, plans Music Degree from Brandon U when she graduates 2016.

“Twenty to One” Directed by Martyn Snell, featuring Brian Dormer on Alto Sax.

Rocking “SAXOLOGY” featuring our Sax Section: Dave McGarry, Lorraine Malcolm, Leigh Hunt, Brian Dormer, Jamie Eisler

David Gnida announcing the next piece “Let it Go” from the Disney movie “Frozen”. A crowd pleaser for the youngsters, who even got the quiz right!

Terry Eggie Boyd graciously provided a few songs for us. A very talented singer!

Dave McGarry about to direct “Walden” featuring Martyn Snell on Electrice piano.

Carter Chev’s turn at MC. He has joined our Band for the experience as he plans to enroll in Music at Brandon University when he graduates next year. He participates in the SVRSS Band, too.