Complete Health Improvement Program (CHIP) Information

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Donna Leming |

During 2 information sessions on March 5 & 9, 2015 CHIP facilitator Dave Ogram gave a DVD presentation by three of the “CHIP” Doctors explaining the benefits of the Complete Health Information Program.

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Several participants from previous CHIP Programs, held in Swan River, commented on some of the personal health benefits that they gained by attending CHIP and following the health principles taught by CHIP.

John Evashchenko class of 2010 stated that the Complete Health Information Program is a good way to educate ourselves in ways we can improve our quality of life and provides principles showing people how to manage their own health.

Roseanna Lucan class of 2010 was all smiles as she related how CHIP has enhanced her life.

Dieter Rossmann class of 2011 commented: I lost 38 pounds, was able to decrease my insulin by 80%, lowered my cholesterol and my blood pressure. I was then able to have the knee surgery that I needed.

Arthur Hrappsted commented: I took the CHIP program in 2013 and I highly recommend this program to anyone that is concerned about their health. I lost 18 pounds in the first 30 days, my blood pressure is now ideal. I have also been able to make reductions in my heart medications.

Participants in CHIP are strongly requested to always work with their doctor while attending the Program.

We still have openings available for the Program which starts on March 30th, however interested people are requested to register by March 12, so that the necessary number of textbooks, workbooks and recipe books can be ordered.

Limited seating available for new participants and for CHIP alumni.

For more information, or to register, please call Dave 204-734-4868 or text Linda 204-281-0483 by March 12th.