200 Attend SVAPL Third Annual Banquet Fundraiser

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Marnie Waddell |

On Saturday, September 27, 2014, the Swan Valley Animal Protection League (SVAPL) hosted its Third Annual Banquet and Fundraiser at the Swan Valley Museum to some 200 residents of the valley.

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Guests were treated to a slide show of the SVAPL’s success stories during the cocktail hour and dinner.

The slides also included statistics on Canadian Shelters and Rescues, as well as statistics on the SVAPL itself noting that even with over 1300 likes and followers on Face Book there are still only 23 members in the SVAPL itself.

Another interesting fact that was mentioned, in both the slide show and by SVAPL representative Sherry Martin, was that the facility where the animals are kept does not having running water and that volunteers have to haul water several times a day for the animals.

The dinner was again catered by Verneece Eggie and her wonderful staff. A lovely repast of roast beef, perogies and cabbage rolls was accompanied by salads, vegetables and some delectable desserts. Dinner was served in record time and everyone appeared to enjoy themselves.

After dinner, guest speaker Ryan Kwasnica, also known as ‘The Dog Mentalist’ came to the stage and related several of his own success stories and how they were achieved through observation, change of perspective, patience and hard work.

At times humorous, Ryan even demonstrated with a volunteer through a ‘magic trick’ how observing the most subtle exchange of energy between two living beings can bring them into sync.

Ryan has been training dogs since he was a child and received his professional training through the Animal Behavior College and Natural Dog Trainer, Kevin Behan. Ryan is also a practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP. His unique approach works by changing both the dogs he is called in to treat and the people who care for them – altering the perception of both the dog and the owner so they can work, play and live together in harmony.

For more information on ‘The Dog Mentalist’ Ryan Kwasnica, please visit his website at: www.thedogmentalist.com.

After Ryan finished speaking, Sherry Martin called up several members of the SVAPL in order to make a presentation to Maggie Romak and Audrey Sercombe who have both devoted so much of their time and energies to the organization. “Without these two ladies, the SVAPL would no longer exist.” said Sherry Martin during her heartfelt speech.

After these two ladies received their gifts, Holly Urban was also given a framed picture of one of the dogs she had fostered who went missing. Unfortunately, Charlie was never found but he has never been forgotten.

The event filled evening was brought to a close by drawing for the many prizes the organization had donated to them by businesses and individuals.

Michelle Walker, chair of the fundraising committee said, “We appreciate all the community support we’ve received because without the people and businesses who have contributed to the banquet and those who’ve attended, we would not be able to continue to help animals in need. Thank you so much to you all and we hope we’ll see you next year.”