Town of Swan River Minutes – September 2, 2014

The Council of the Town of Swan River met on Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014, at 7:30 p.m. in the Town Council Chambers with Mayor McKenzie presiding and Councilor’s, Delaurier, Friesen, Sakal, Jacobson, Bobick and Whyte present.


1. RESOLVED that the Agenda for the September 2nd, 2014 regular meeting of Council be received.

2. RESOLVED that Kornelson Valley Service be hired to install Section 09 30 17 glazed porcelain tile of the Municipal Office Specifications for the amount stated in Schedule “A” attached.

3. RESOLVED that the proposed subdivision of part of N.E. ¼ SEC. 16-36-27 WPM and numbered by Manitoba Municipal Government Community and Regional Planning Branch File No. 4-455-14-7168 be hereby approved, subject to the following conditions:

1) That the Town of Swan River Zoning By-Law be amended as follows:-
Proposed two residential lots be Zoned “RS-5” Residential Single Family
Residual quarter section be Zoned “AUR” Agriculture/Urban Reserve Zone

4. RESOLVED that the Handi Van Report for August 2014 be received.

5. RESOLVED that resolution regarding approving 2nd reading of By-law No. 9/2014 be tabled.

Resolution Read:
“RESOLVED that By-law No. 9/2014 being a By-law of the Town of Swan River to regulate building within the Town be read a second time.”

6. RESOLVED that Elaine McGimpsey be appointed as the Town of Swan River representative for the Northwest Regional Library Board.

7. WHEREAS: World Suicide Prevention Day renews our commitment to empower all Canadians to build lives with dignity, purpose, and meaning, support those who struggle with life, and remember and comfort those bereaved by suicide.
WHEREAS: Suicide impacts thousands of people across all walks of life.
WHEREAS: We all have responsibility to work together to build resilience and mental well-being, and to encourage people in emotional distress to seek help. There is HOPE.
WHEREAS: The smallest acts of kindness and compassion are often the most powerful and the ones that make the biggest difference. One person can make a difference in someone else’s life. Make difference. Be the difference.
NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that I, Glen McKenzie, Mayor of the Town of Swan River, in the Province of Manitoba, DO HEREBY proclaim the day of September 10th, 2014 as “WORLD SUICIDE PREVENTION DAY” in the Town of Swan River.

8. WHEREAS the Office of the Fire Commissioner inspected the North-West Regional Library Branch in Benito, MB on May 28th, 2013 and determined that an Automatic Sprinkler System and Fire Alarm System was not required;
AND WHERAS the Town of Swan River is one of the funding partners/owners of the North-West Regional Library;
THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Mayor and Chief Administrative Officer be authorized to sign the document authorizing the decommissioning of the Automatic Sprinkler System and Fire Alarm System at the library branch in Benito, MB.

9. WHEREAS the Heyes Street Wastewater Pumping Station located at 315 Heyes Street was constructed in 1955 and requires a full upgrade plus installation of additional monitoring equipment in order to better serve the residents in the area;
AND WHEREAS By-Law13/2012 authorising the borrowing of some funds to upgrade the pumping station was passed on the 6th of November, 2012;
AND WHEREAS the Heyes Street Wastewater Pumping Station Project is a priority for the community and cannot proceed without additional funding being received from another source;
THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Town of Swan River make application to the New Building Canada Fund-Provincial-Territorial Infrastructure Component: Small Communities Fund to provide funding to assist with the much needed upgrade to the Heyes Street Wastewater Pumping Station.

10. RESOLVED that the following Building Permit Applications be received:
38/14 – 333 6th Ave. S. – Deck
39/14 – 431 11th Ave. N – Renovation
40/14 – 11 Vivian St. – Fence
41/14 – 405 Westwood RD – Renovation
42/14 – 213 6th Ave. N. – House
43/14 – 700 1st St. N. – Relocate Storage Building
44/14 – 108 6th Ave. S. – VLT Lounge
45/14 – 210 3rd Ave. N. – Fence
46/14 – 310 12th Ave. S. – Shed
47/14 – 313 11th Ave. S. – Fence & Fire Pit
48/14 – 349 2nd St SW – Quonset

11. RESOLVED that the Swan River Fire Department August 2014 Call Report be received.

12. RESOLVED that the Superintendent of Public Works Report be received.

13. RESOLVED that the accounts as follows be herby approved for payment:
(1) General Accounts from Cheque No. 15492 to No. 15544 for a total of $1,076,397.79
(2) Payroll Account from Cheque No. 3387 to No. 3395 for a total of $123,180.15

14. RESOLVED that the Swan Lake Watershed Conservation District Audited Financial Statements for the year ended March 31, 2014 and prepared by Reimer & Company be received.

15. RESOLVED that the assessment alterations amendments as listed by Manitoba Local Government Assessment Services dated August 20th, 2014, be made to the 2014 Tax Roll under authority of Section 300(6) and 326 of The Municipal Act.

16. RESOLVED that, pursuant to Section 152(3) of The Municipal Act, Council go into Committee and close the meeting to the public

17. RESOLVED that pursuant to Section 152(4) of The Municipal Act this meeting be reopened to the public.

18. RESOLVED that this regular Meeting of Council now adjourn