2014 Final Team Penning Jackpot

Submitted by:
Carmilla Hrabarchuk

Sunday, September 14, 2014 was the annual Fall Team penning hosted by the Blue Sky Team Penners south of Benito. It was a chilly day, free of bugs, perfect for team penning.

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There were 41 adult teams in total and 5 youth teams.

A big thank you to all our generous sponsors!
McKay Real Estate & Auction Co., Swan Valley Vet Clinic and Blue Sky Arena gave added money for the A-side placings

The placings were as follows:

A-Side (combined times on 6 cattle penned)

1st Place:Belt Buckles sponsored by M&M Cafe & Lounge, Riddles Plumbing & Heating and Blue Sky Arena: Stan Foster, Sharon Foster,
Glen Foster (all from Benito, MB)

2nd Place:Horse Blankets sponsored by Benito Service Centre: Meridee Kopelchuk (Canora, SK), Carmi Hrabarchuk (Benito), Sharon Foster (Benito)3rd Place:
Bridle Bags sponsored by W.F. Schneider & Son: Carmi Hrabarchuk (Benito), Deb Strahm (Naicam, SK), Brad Kellington (Naicam, SK)
4th Place: Breast Straps: Glen Foster, Jessie Foster, Jodi Suchoplas (all from Benito)
5th place: 3 wireless Thermometers: Gerald Peesker (Kamsack, SK), Janie Galloway (Ethelbert), Kim Kindiack (Kamsack, SK)

B-Side (For those that did not have a time in the first round were put into the B side)

1st:Horse Blocks sponsored by Swan Valley Coop Agro: Raymond Helmeczi, Kimberly Parks, Mark Fraser (all from Esterhazy, SK)
2nd: 3 Oil changes Sponsored by Powel Motors: Stan Foster (Benito), Janie Galloway (Ethelbert), Mark Fraser (Esterhazy, SK)
3rd: Hay bags sponsored by Jurgan Schubert: Kimberly Parks (Esterhazy, SK), Brian Hunter (Kamsack, SK), Gerald Peesker (Kamsack)
4th:3 Fuel gift certificates sponsored by Doak Fuel: Brad Kellington (Naicam, SK), Barb Lewis (Kenville), Jodi Suchoplas (Benito)

Single fastest time: Bags with Memo pads, manicure set & water bottle: Angela Mullin (Swan River), Jodi Suchoplas (Benito), Andy Suchoplas (Benito)
Tough Luck Prize: 3 blankets donated by Janie Galloway: Brian Hunter (Kamsack, SK), Ruth Cord (Ethelbert), Morgan Buck (Swan River)
Crap Run (worst time on 6 cattle penned): manure forks: Raymond Helmeczi (Esterhazy), Ruth Cord (Ethelbert), Melanie McArthur (Swan River)

Youth (5 teams)
Youth are made up of 2 Children 16 Years and under and one adult. All our youth were pretty young this year, with our oldest being 11 and our youngest being 3. Since Kaisley was so young, we let her go along as an extra rider.

Thank you to Dairy Queen for Donating a free ice cream to all participating Youth.

Kaisley Hrabarchuk was the youngest rider, and was allowed to go be an extra rider on a team so that she could participate.

1st: Kreece Hrabarchuk (Benito, age 9), Trey Hrabarchuk (Benito, age 6), and Kaisley, (Benito, Age 3). 3 headphones donated by Merv’s

2nd: Jessie Kopelchuk & Grady Wolkowsky (Pick a prize off the donation table)
3rd: Grady Wolkowsky & Codee Kopelchuk (Pick a prize off the donation table)

Draw Prizes donated by: Dufresne Furniture & Appliances, Timberline, Mazer Group, Cook & Cooke Financial, Formo Motors, Merv’s, CPS Benito.

The fall jackpot is our final event of the year, and concludes our summer series of weekly practices. We’ll be back in the arena again the first Friday of May 2015 . For more information on what team penning is all about, and how to get involved, contact Stan and Sharon Foster at 204-539-2345, or Michelle Buck at 204-525-4304.