Simm and de Laforest Entertain Appreciative Audience

Submitted by:
Lloyd Gilchrist

Nova Scotia’s Greg Simm and Saskatoon’s Kim de Laforest brought a very varied “ east meets west” concert to Swan River on the evening of Wednesday July 9, 2014.

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A near capacity crowd at the former Wildflower enjoyed a musical evening running the gamut from Hank Snow’s “Mind Your Own Business” to Pachelbel Canon. Although this duo has toured extensively across the country, Simm and de LaForest admitted, though, that this was the first concert they played under a bike!

Simm demonstrated his prowess on the guitar with intricate accompaniment to the amazing fiddle playing of Kim de Laforest.

De Laforest’s fiddle repertoire included bluegrass, Celtic, old time, Metis, and classical.

Both artists displayed pleasant vocal stylings with songs ranging from Adele, to the Mamas and Papas, to Bob Dylan, to Walt Disney, to Tin Pan Alley.

Several audience members were invited to take part in the concert by playing musical instruments to add the sounds of wind, rain, and thunder!