Manitoba Agriculture Crop Report – June 23, 2014

Northwest Region Crop Report Prepared by: Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Development June 23, 2014 |

Northwest Region
Rain showers and thunderstorms continue to impact most of the Northwest Region, with rainfall amounts late in the week ranging from 25 mm to over 75 mm. There is standing water in the low lying areas of many fields and crops are starting to exhibit symptoms of excess moisture stress.

The heavy rains ended seeding options for the season, other than potentially some greenfeed acres. Some spraying progress was made last week for weed control, but producers were challenged by wet soil conditions. Unseeded acres remain in The Pas, McCreary, Ste. Rose and Swan River areas.

Fields are showing good germination and even emergence. Peas are growing well with 100% of the crop in the vegetative stage, and 85% of the wheat crop is in the seedling stage. The canola crop is more variable, with 40% of acres just emerging, 40% in the seedling stage and 20% in the rosette stage. Approximately 50% of the soybeans are in the vegetative stage. In-crop herbicide applications are being made as field conditions permit. Excessive moisture is causing localized crop damage and yellowing.

The North Parkland and Valleys North pastures and forage fields remain saturated due to the continuous rains. There was little to no forage harvesting due to the wet conditions, although many are at the proper stage for harvesting dairy quality hay. Dugouts are overflowing and water supply is excessive.