Drive 4 UR Community Special Olympics Fundraising

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Shirley Todosichuk |

Over 200 people test drove a 2014 Ford vehicle to raise money for Swan Valley Special Olympics Athletes during the Drive 4 UR Community event on Saturday, May 31, 2014.

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There was a good mix of entertainment on the talent stage during the event.

Performers included:
Angie Ferland, Kolton Leslie and George Woodley

Ecole School and SVRSS Band and Jazz

Terri Eggie

Burghart family

Brad Slepicka and accompaniment

Pictured above: Terri Eggie Performs
The sound system was supplied with Mark Provencher.

The Minitonas and Swan River Lions Clubs sent volunteers to assist with ensuring a smooth and continuous flow of test drives.

The Friendship Center Youth Center had a BBQ from 11-1 and fed the hungry crowd.

The Swan Valley Animal Protection League was a big hit with her display and animals and there were even one or two adoptions.