Amazing, Inspirational & Moving Evening in Minitonas

Written and Submitted by:
Debbie Soloway

On Friday March 14th, 2014 Rachel & Darwin Dancsok of Esterhazy, Saskatchewan entertained to an audience of 45-50 people by singing and playing great country gospel favorites.

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Rachel is an award winning country gospel singer, starting at the early age of thirteen when she received the gift of a guitar from her Mother for Christmas and taught herself to play by reading books.

Her husband Darwin, a true cowboy, accompanied Rachel by playing the bass guitar making them a dynamic duo. They also told some stories about their family farm life and joked around bringing the crowd to laughter.

There were people from Dauphin to Mafeking who came to hear the velvet vocals of Rachel and share in the love of gospel music. Everyone enjoyed refreshments and visiting, followed by the second half of the concert.

The Dancsok’s were inspired to come to Minitonas and share their talent through their special friends Marion & Ray Doucette and from Rachel performing at a couple of the Minitonas Coffee Houses.

They found the Minitonas Age Friendly Committee dedicated to renovating their Community Town Hall by raising funds and the Dancsok’s were eager to help. Therefore at the end of the evening performance they made a heartfelt donation of $125.00 to the great cause.

Rachel & Darwin thanked the special people that helped make this event a success, Betty & Leo MacCumber for many jobs as well as working the door admittance, Barb Holms who was the evening MC, Toni Hayes for working the CD sales table, (Rachel had three CD’s available: “Jesus Loves Me”; “Gospel Favorites” & “Born To Sing”), Linda & Lloyd Gilchrist for making the posters, Debbie Soloway for taking photos and video at the concert and last but not least a big thanks to those making the effort to come out to the concert.

The crowd had comments of; inspirational, amazing, lovely voice, soothing, sweet music, emotional, awesome, moving and much more. We look forward to hearing Rachel & Darwin in the near future and if you missed out this time, perhaps you will be graced with the performance of a true natural beauty, born to sing.