Town of Swan River Minutes – December 3, 2013

The Council of the Town of Swan River met on Tuesday, December 3rd, 2013 at 7:30 p.m. in the Town Council Chambers. Mayor McKenzie presiding, Councillors Bobick, Friesen, Jacobson, Delaurier, Sakal and Whyte present.

Rezoning Hearing:

The Rezoning Hearing was called to order by Mayor McKenzie who advised that the purpose of the hearing was to hear representation for or against the following:

To amend the Town of Swan River Zoning By-law by reclassifying Lot 3 to 11, Block 1, Plan 2315 from “CH” Commercial Highway Zone to “RT” Residential Two Family Zone.

There being no persons present that wished to speak, Mayor McKenzie adjourned the hearing.

Delegation: Lew McClurg provided Council with a clear understanding of the purpose of the Relay for Life and asked them to consider allowing the event to take place in the Legion Park in the future.


1. RESOLVED that the minutes of the November 19th, 2013 regular meeting of Council be adopted as received.

2. RESOLVED that the Agenda for the December 3rd, 2013 regular meeting of Council be received.

3. WHEREAS the taxpayers of the Rural Municipality of Swan River together with the taxpayers of the Town of Swan River are the sole municipal funding partners for the operation costs of the Swan Valley Credit Union Aquatics Centre;

AND WHEREAS the aforementioned taxpayers have already contributed towards the operation of the facility through their municipal taxes and with a goal of fairness and equity in intention, it would be desirable for the usage fee structure of the SVCU Aquatics Centre should reflect this municipal support;

AND WHEREAS other neighbouring municipalities have been invited to be partners in funding the operations of the SVCU Aquatics Centre multiple times but have subsequently declined such invitations;
AND WHEREAS the Swan River Parks and Recreation Commission has been tasked with the oversight responsibilities for the operation of the SVCU Aquatics Centre;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Town of Swan River strongly recommend to the Swan River Parks and Recreation Commission, that within six months from the day of opening, the SVCU Aquatics Centre should operate with a tiered fee structure. The lower tier fees or discounted fees shall be made available to those users who are residents or dependents of residents, of either the Town of Swan River or the Rural Municipality of

Swan River or any other municipality who should become a contributing member. Such lower tier fees or discounted fees shall be made available upon proof of residency. The upper tier fees or regular fees shall be charged to all other users of the facility.

Recorded Vote: McKenzie yes
Delaurier yes
Friesen yes
Jacobson yes
Sakal yes
Bobick yes
Whyte yes

4. RESOLVED that the 2014 annual membership with the Parkland Tourism in the amount of $1,300.00 be approved for payment in 2014.

5. RESOLVED that the assessment alterations amendments as listed by Manitoba Local Government Assessment Services dated November 21st, 2013, be made to the 2013 Tax Roll under authority of Section 300(6) and 326 of The Municipal Act.

6. RESOLVED that the proposed subdivision of Lots 11 – 12 Block 18 Plan 286 DLTO and numbered by Manitoba Local Government Community Planning Services File No. 4-455-13-7112 be hereby approved without conditions.

7. RESOLVED that the accounts as follows be hereby approved for payment:
(1) General Accounts from Cheque No. 14099 to No. 14155 for a total of $347,890.77.
(2) Payroll Account from Cheque No. 3204 to No. 3212 for a total of $81,369.09.

8. RESOLVED that Glen McKenzie be authorized to attend the LP Liason meeting on Wednesday, December 4th, 2013.

9. RESOLVED that the Request/Concern Report for November 2013 be received.

10. RESOLVED that the Superintendent of Works Report be received.

11. RESOLVED that the Handi Van Report for November 2013 be received.

12. RESOLVED that the following Building Permit Applications be received:
59/13 716 River Park Dr Renovations
60/13 1977 Dubreuil Addition

13. RESOLVED that, pursuant to Section 152(3) of The Municipal Act, Council go into Committee and close the meeting to the public.

14. RESOLVED that pursuant to Section 152(4) of The Municipal Act this meeting be reopened to the public.

15. RESOLVED that Camille Parker be hired for the Clerk Stenographer position with employment to commence as soon as available.

16. RESOLVED that this regular Meeting of Council now adjourn.