Ideas Sprouting for Communities in Bloom

Submitted by:
Phyl Friesen

The First meeting of the Communities in Bloom was held at the Harley House in Swan River on March 18th at 6:00.

We had 12 gals come and had some very good discussion.

Click picture for a larger version.

We have the opportunity to obtain a grant from CN and this is being investigated.

Adopt a Flower Bed was another program discussed. Several flower beds in town would be tended by a group through out the summer months.

Communities In Bloom includes town tidiness (weed issues on the sidewalk), environmental awareness(landfill/recycling), community involvement, heritage preservation(Harley House/museum), Urban Forestry(CN grant for trees etc),Landscaped areas, flower bed etc, and turf and groundcover.

We are meeting again at the Harley House at 6:30pm on Monday April 15, 2013.