Swan River RCMP Report – February 2013

Swan River RCMP Monthly Report |
February 2013

Swan River Valley:
In the month of February, 2013 Police investigated 179 incidents.

Town of Swan River: 
Criminal Code offenses and property offenses were well below normal levels this month. Persons crimes were slightly below the normal average for this month. Persons crimes had eight Assaults and four Utter Threat investigations.

Town of Swan River Detailed Statistics:

Assaults 8
B&E Business 0
B&E Res & Oth 4
Theft Motor Vehicle 0
Theft Over $5000 0
Theft Under $5000 5
Shoplifting 7
Mischief 9
Have Stolen Goods 1
Frauds 2
Drugs 2
Federal (Other) 2
Provincial Statute 28
Municipal Statute 1