Plans For New Medical Clinic Progressing

Submitted by: Swan Valley Medical Stakeholders Group |

The Swan Valley Medical Stakeholders Group is making progress toward establishing a new medical clinic for the Swan Valley.

The absence of a modern medical clinic has been identified as a significant barrier to attracting the physicians required to reinstate surgical and maternity services for the Swan Valley. The need for a collaborative clinic environment has been echoed by physicians and medical residents during recruiting interviews, by experts in the healthcare industry and by communities who have been successful in their own recruiting efforts.

Shauna Klekta, spokesperson for the Swan Valley Medical Stakeholders Group, advised that a Medical Clinic Planning Committee including municipal representatives, business owners, community members, service clubs and other organizations has already been established and is working closely with the Swan Valley Health Facilities Foundation Inc.

“We have investigated various clinic options and are pursuing a model where the building and physical assets of the clinic will be owned by a non-profit organization,” said Klekta. “This scenario will allow us to explore local and provincial government funding options and will support donations from other organizations and individuals as well.”

Under this structure, the non-profit organization will have the option to assume the management of the day to day operations of the clinic or to contract the clinic management to a doctor’s group, private company or individual.

“We believe that this model will ensure a secure and sustainable long term solution for the residents of the Swan Valley and will allow us to be responsive to future changes in the health care industry.” added Klekta.

An analysis of the initial capital requirements and operating expenses is under way and funding options and potential locations are being investigated.