Brenda Gaudry Educates and Entertains

Submitted by:
Kamshi Kanavathy

Multi-talented entrepreneur, Brenda Gaudry, inspired and entertained a keen audience last night at the North-West Regional Library in Swan River.

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Brenda passed around samples of her home-made herbal salves and teas while explaining her methods and reasons for harvesting the ingredients for those products.

Brenda says that whatever we need to heal all our ailments are to be found in nature.

We just need to learn where and how to look for these plants and what to do with them. We need to “open our eyes”, which is incidentally, the title of her first video. In this video, Brenda goes out into the boreal forest to look for plants. She also introduces her business and artworks.

Brenda has another video out now called “Mother Nature’s Pantry”. A cookbook is included with this DVD.

Birchbark biting, a popular aboriginal artform, is another of Brenda’s talents. She has made a DVD that demonstrates how to acquire this wondrous skill.

Apart from showing her skills, Brenda entertained her captive audience with stories of her wildlife experiences.

In addition to medicinal uses, Brenda uses plants, leaves, wood, feathers and other objects found in nature to make ornaments and jewellery such as smudge containers, earrings, walking sticks, jewellery boxes, candle holders and more. Her products are available at her store in Barrows and at stores around the country.