Travel Night: Thailand, Bali, Cambodia

Submitted by:
Kamshi Kanavathy

The multi-purpose room was filled to capacity with locals, keen to catch a glimpse of faraway places, especially those depicting warmth and sunshine, on a cold November evening.

Hosts, MayAnn and Elmer Friesen and Lorne and Lesley Henkelman, talked about their eye-opening trip through Thailand, Cambodia and Bali.

Highlights included visits to World heritage sites such as the popular Angkor Wat in Cambodia.

Serene, beautiful beaches like this one were wonderful places to relax after tramping around temples and battle-sites.

Another significant highlight was a visit with World Vision reps who showed the work they were doing in certain communities. It was also a momentous occasion for the Friesens to meet the child they were sponsoring through World Vision.

A healthy discussion followed as some locals are planning a similar trip through South-East Asia and were keen for first-hand information to help plan their trip, to know what to avoid and what to be aware of and so on.

A good time was had by all and many stayed to visit after the event.