Local Efforts to Improve Medical Services Continue

Swan Valley RISE has become the driving force behind local efforts to improve medical services in the Swan Valley. Earlier this year RISE organized a joint effort between local municipalities, service clubs, organizations, businesses and individuals and through a coordinated and planned approach, the stakeholders have become a strong and effective voice for healthcare in the Swan Valley.

The group focused their initial efforts on proving the necessity and sustainability of maternity services at the Swan Valley Health Centre and determining the current barriers to providing these services.

The group demonstrated that the Swan Valley Health Centre services a larger geographic area and a similar population to the Dauphin Regional Health Centre and concluded that recruiting efforts need to be focused on attracting family practice doctors with anesthetic and c-section training.

The group’s recommendations were validated by the Western Regional Health Authority’s recent announcement of plans to establish a surgical program in Swan River in order to support the return of maternity services. In a media release dated September 20, 2012, the Western RHA confirmed they were working toward a goal of “a sustainable surgical and obstetrical program in Swan River.”

Swan Valley RISE has also taken the lead in developing the local framework for doctor recruiting by designing a recruiting package and cash incentive plan that has been approved by the Health Facilities Foundation. Strategic recruitment of doctors to restore our surgical and maternity services will begin soon and will be coordinated with the Western RHA to ensure necessary supports are in place.