Your PC Guy Warns – Computer Scam Continues

Submitted by: Shawn Klekta, Your PC Guy | Back in May we reported that a computer scam was circulating around the Valley. We have had reports that people in the Swan River Valley have once again been targetted by this computer scam. The purpose of this scam appears to be twofold:

1. Obtain payment from you to remove viruses that do not exist.
2. Obtain personal information from you that could be used for identity theft.

Here are some important tips to remember if you receive a call from a “computer technician” or anybody you do not know.
1. Never give out personal information
2. Never follow instructions to perform computer operations or go to websites
3. Never allow remote access to your computer

The RCMP has more information on identy theft at the following links:
Identity Theft & Identity Fraud
Identity Theft and Identity Fraud Victim Assistance Guide

Click here to read our original story explaining how scammers use low tech social engineering to trick you into giving them access to your computer and personal informaiton.