Fine Arts Fiddlin’ Festival

Submitted by: Carolle Cowan | Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Soloists take part in Fiddlin’ Festival, Swan Valley Fine Arts Festival, April 12 and 13 at Temple Baptist Church. 

Pictured to the left is Leo Chartrand.

Sisters Layna and Ainslee Burghart

Tiara Davy

Brad Slepicka and accompanist Linda Gilchrist

Brittney Moore

Sisters Jessica and Maclyn Burghart

Duet time with Jessica Burghart and Leah Graham

Thank you to teacher Desmond Lagace

Accomplished Adjudicator Kim de la Forest from Saskatoon. Thank you.

SVFAFA appreciates executive, committees and the many volunteer helpers that help organize successful Festivals.

President April Maxwell

Jan Linklater and Aneta Betcher

Adjudicator Kim de la Forest and Joy Wenstob

Mini workshops were conducted by Adjudicator Kim de la Forest after each session.

Beginner students

Advanced students

Intermediate students