Manitoba Agriculture Crop Report – July 2, 2024

Manitoba Agriculture
Crop Report

July 2, 2024

Northwest Region
A mixed week of weather conditions again with excess moisture in some areas. Localized areas saw large amounts of precipitation in a short time.

Field peas are continuing in the vegetative stage, and most advanced fields are starting to flower. They are looking good for the most part, depending on the region. Majority of spring wheat is in the late tiller stage. Some areas are looking good, while other areas are moisture stressed.

Canola crops continue to be quite varied. Some of the earliest seeded fields have bolted and are close to flowering, while some crops are still at seedling stage. Flea beetle pressure continues and is requiring multiple insecticide applications. With some areas being so saturated, spraying has been delayed and controlling flea beetles has been a challenge. Herbicide applications are ongoing as stages are reached; however, wind and wet conditions continue to challenge timely applications. Some poorer fields across the region are starting to bolt due to stress.

Soybean crops continue in vegetative growth and range from one to three trifoliate stage. Growth has been slow and would greatly benefit from some heat.

Winter wheat and Fall rye crops are headed out.

Provincial Overview
Fall rye stands are at the soft dough stage. Rapid advancement in winter cereal crop development continues and crop conditions are rated as good. Spring cereals continue to advance with earliest planted fields having moved into the flag leaf/head emergence stage. Soybean and dry bean crops are progressing at a slower pace given the cooler conditions. Growth staging for both crops reported at first to third trifoliate stage. Weed control has been acceptable in these crops. Field peas are at the eight to ten node stage.

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