Agreement Signed for New Swan River Arena Facility

Town of Swan River
Media Release |

The Town of Swan River and the Swan Valley Legacy Committee have entered into a formal agreement to work together, in an effort to provide a proposed new Arena Facility in the Swan River Valley.

Although this project is in the very early stages of development and consultation, there have been many volunteer hours spent on fundraising efforts by the SVLC, as well as a provincial grant application the two groups have applied for and successfully received funding.

The Town of Swan River is committed to working with the SVLC as a partner and shall accept support from the Swan Valley Legacy Committee, through design guidance and recommendations, leadership in fundraising initiatives, public relations, and liaison with stakeholders throughout the proposed development. With the goal of a new Arena Facility in the Swan River Valley, the key to success will be capital and operating partnerships, and support from other levels of government, local and corporate businesses, and the community.

The Town of Swan River and the Swan Valley Legacy Committee are excited to work on this project and look forward to providing a recreational facility that will engage our youth, families, and seniors from the entire Swan River Valley. Modernized and appealing recreation facilities are a key component to attracting a skilled workforce that our businesses and community desperately needs to succeed.