Income Tax & Spiritual Journey Topics at Coffee and a Chat

Submitted by: Swan Valley Services to Seniors

We are happy to have Birch River Northern Neighbors Drop In Center, Benito Drop In Center and the Swan River Senior Citizen Center host our presentations in January. The topics were budgeting and Income Tax Information with CPA Bruce Hardie and Aging as a Spiritual Journey with pastor Bob Lewis.

You would think that accounting is a boring subject, but Bruce had us all involved with knowing why and how to start a household budget and why it might still be important in aging. You may not need to do one forever but maybe for a month or two to keep you informed about your spending habits. A useful tip is to move as many yearly payments as possible into monthly equal payments, (MB Hydro, MB Public Insurance, House Insurance and taxes). Pension splitting, medical expenses splitting or deferment are options to discuss with your accountant. When travelling for a medical appointment outside of the Swan Valley ask the medical office for a “Confirmation of my appointment today” to use with your yearly income tax. Your local accountant can be a resource to help you manage your tax planning/savings, but realize they are not a substitute for a financial advisor on mutual funds etc.

Bob on Aging as a Spiritual Journey, the day you are born you start to Age! You are a spiritual person that encompasses your heart, soul, mind and really the whole world. Make every day count, life is beautiful in the most unusual circumstances, give moments of generosity, even if it is only a smile to someone at the grocery store. It may be just a smile to you but a great joy to the recipient. You have been chosen to age, not
everyone gets the chance to age. You can help yourself to age well by reducing anxiety-budget money wisely-connect with others, giggle, laugh out loud, meet with friends and young people telling your stories and listening to the young tell their stories. You might be surprised how similar your stories might be. Take the time to have moments of generosity-give hope-acts of giving (volunteering) and support your local community. Don’t forget to be accepting of help or caring from others, they need the connection too!

We are looking forward to the next sessions February 27th, 28th and 29th, where we will chat about challenging loneliness and isolation and making the most of a small appetite. Thank you to the 52 people who participated and we look forward to seeing you again next month. We challenge you to bring someone new to the sessions who may be experiencing loneliness or isolation. If you need help to arrange transportation call the office at 204-734-5707.