Valley Stage Players Wow Appreciative Audiences

Submitted by: Lloyd Gilchrist |

The Valley Stage Players presented their annual dinner and dessert theatres this past weekend, November 24-26 with their production of “Farce of Nature” by Jessie Jones, Nicholas Hope, and Jamie Wooten.

The play was set at a struggling fishing lodge in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas which was surprised with a number of unexpected guests bringing their own dramas with them and getting intertwined with the lodge’s own problems. The Wilburn family has to deal with a “stoolie” under witness protection, a dinner theatre operator from Chicago, a recently released convict, and a business shyster trying to turn the lodge into a toxic waste dump. Not only that, the lodge is faced with an imminent attack from all the dangerous wild animals native to the Ozarks. Pandemonium ensues and with it tons of laughs.

This production was directed by Denis Beaudoin, sound by Pure Sound, and catering by Johnny and Jenny Catering Co.Here are some photos from the production: