Manitoba Agriculture Crop Report – October 17, 2023

Manitoba Agriculture
Crop Report

October 17, 2023

Northwest Region
Some harvest progress was made over the week, however was slow due to cloudy conditions and heavy dews in the mornings narrowing the harvest window. Precipitation was minimal across the region with Swan River receiving the highest at 1.9mm. A mostly cooler week with a couple of warmer days, with Alonsa and Swan River reaching 16°C for the highest. Overnight temperatures reached down below zero with Alonsa dipping down to –
5.2°C. Fall field work is ongoing, including harrowing, post-harvest herbicide application and fertilizing.

Spring wheat harvest nears completion with approximately 99% done. Yields have been ranging from 50 to 90 bu/acre, while some fields have done poorer and some better. Some spring wheat remains to be harvested in The Pas.

Canola harvest continued over the week and is approximately 90-95% complete. Yield reports have averaged from 40 to 55 bu/acre, while some crops have yielded below 40 bu/acre and some above 55 bu/acre. Reports of green stems making harvest challenging.

Soybean harvest progress is approximately 80% complete. There has been some challenges with plants not drying down and staying green. Yields have been average to above average at around 45-50 bu/acre, with some yielding lower due to lack of rain.

Provincial Overview
Limited harvest progress over the last week due to widespread rainfall across the province. Harvest progress sits at 90% complete across the province, which is ahead of the 5-year average (86%). Harvest has wrapped up for most of the spring cereal crops, with barley at 100% complete, oats at 100% complete and spring wheat at 99% complete. Overall, cereal crops remain in fair to mostly good condition. Grain corn harvest continues and is sitting at 23% complete. Canola harvest continues with approximately 94% of the acres being harvested across the province. Soybean harvest continues, sitting at 81% provincially.

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