Mental Health, Fibre August Topics at Coffee and a Chat

Submitted by: Connie Beaudry

Thank you to the participants who came out during this busy harvest season. With the days getting shorter, we want to be outdoors as much as possible. So thank you for taking the time from your day to participate in Coffee and A Chat.

The sessions started with Rod Seib CMHA Peer Support Worker, he walked us through a video presentation. We learned the difference between clinical depression and just having a few “down” days. Everyone has mental health-just like physical health, there is good health and sometimes poor health but it doesn’t mean you need to stop living life because of it. You can have bad days of mental health and recover from it. Some simple tasks to improve or keep good mental health is to live in the moment, notice moments of JOY and be happy even for the smallest of things. Going outdoors and getting some fresh air every day is a good start. There has been success for those on mental health medications, everyone can live a full life given the proper circumstances. If you feel you need a gentle hand to help you with a mental health issue feel free to contact Rod Seib at his office at 524 main street or at 204-618-8544, or Prairie Mountain Health also has an office at the hospital where you can talk with an intake worker, 204-734-3441.

During our break we had a draw for a door prize of a Light Therapy Lamp and a notebook/pen set and enjoyed coffee and a chat with everyone in attendance. Katie Kroeker Community Registered Dietitian has made us aware of how many foods have fiber. It CAN be easy to include more fiber in your diet with whole fruits and vegetables, beans and lentils to name just a few items. Fiber is not just Bran, but Bran Flakes with raisins are good too! Eating 21grams of fiber for a woman and 30 grams of fiber for a man per day is the recommended daily requirement. Small changes can reap big rewards. Smart Pasta might cost a bit more but there is a noticeable difference in the amount of fiber per serving. As stated, whole fruits, vegetables, oats, barley, chia seeds, dried fruit and nuts also have fiber. Keep up your fluids, hydrating is very important to good health, it can help prevent constipation, control body temperature, and move nutrients and waste through the body.

We had such a good time visiting with all the participants and learning from the speakers.

September topics will be guided meditation and learning to cook for 1. We are currently looking for funding to support the Coffee and A Chat on an ongoing basis. If you can offer assistance or know of someone who can, please feel free to contact the office and talk with Kyla or Connie at 204-734-5707.