PC Party Promises Rural Health Care Recruitment Fund

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Building on historic investments into health care, a re-elected PC government will invest $40 million into a permanent recruitment fund to expand Manitoba’s rural health-care workforce and meet priority needs for Manitobans announced Rick Wowchuk, PC Canadidate for Swan River on September 18, 2023.

“Like you I care deeply about the quality of healthcare in the community,” said Wowchuk “Our PC Team’s Health Human Health Resource Action Plan is working. As of August, over 2,000 Health Care Professionals have been hired into our health care system. Plus, we have recruited over 300 health care workers from the Philippines,” he said. “This new funding will build on the success of our efforts by bringing even more workers into the system. This new fund will help ensure we have the medical professionals we need across Manitoba.”

The fund will provide $10,000,000 each year for recruitment to rural Manitoba communities like Swan River, Russell, and Rossburn.

“Our unwavering commitment to healing our healthcare system remains firm,” said Wowchuk. “Our PC Team will continue offering stability, vision and a plan to heal our healthcare system and keep it on the road to recovery for Manitobans today, tomorrow and in the future.”